Whiskey of the week

whisky kavalan

Nose: Red grapes and cloves, Vanilla. And tobacco leaf

Palate: Dark sugar mixed and spice with a hefty port hit, some oakyness from the cask and a hot alcohol hit.

Finish: Short but sweet with raisins, dried plum, jammy and a hint more tobacco.

Why did I choose this whisky?

Well let’s be honest, you are unlikely to go and buy this one. It is a world away from the Talisker, yet there are similarities in the n age statement port finished style. This whisky is an award winner and make no mistake it’s a good whisky. But it does create a lot of controversy and is not global liked. What better for a series of whiskies that are meant to challenge? Personally I like it, it may be a bit confused but for me that is perfect for this year!

the spitit business 2018

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Take out service during lockdown 2. 

The laws have changed since lockdown 1 and are far more  stringent. However collection should be quicker and easier as  we will not be filling containers during opening times. We will  also be opening for longer hours and on more days to help  reduce queuing and improve choice of collection.  

Tuesday 4-7pm Friday 4-7pm Sunday 2-4pm  

All orders need to be placed through our online shop or by phoning/texting  through first to arrange 07951 550949

WE CAN NOT FILL YOUR CONTAINERS WHEN YOU ARRIVE.  By law we can only provide a collection service for preordered alcohol.  

WHEN COLLECTING AN ORDER If you wish to bring your own container  for collection on your next visit, please make sure it is clearly marked  with your name in a way that will not wash off (All containers are  sterilised and sanitised before use). 

We have a very limited number of PINT containers, so only choose a  PINT quantity when ordering if you have left a pint container with us. 

All our cask beers and ciders will be served by the litre in litre units,  (unless by pre arrangement in pints) our food grade high pressure 1litre  containers require a £1 deposit each. 

Our Keg beer needs to be stored in higher pressure containers, recycled  milk bottles will not work well and are not recommended. They can be  purchased in .5 litre quantities, but should be in our containers or  equivalent.


We will be doing them 

We will start the service from Sunday 

It will not be like lockdown 1. This is because others (some local) abused the  situation in lockdown 1. We will do all we can to keep you and ourselves safe  and provide a service within the letter of the law. 

We will publish instructions today and later today and a full list of beers etc.  on Friday 

Please bear with us, Rachael and I do not have a secretary, call centre, staff to mange orders etc. etc. We will do the best we can with the resources we  have.