The Hakushu Single Malt Whisky - Distiller’s Reserve (43%) 20 ml

The Hakushu Single Malt Whisky - Distiller’s Reserve (43%) 20 ml


Whisky of the Week #9

The Hakushu Distillery, Suntory’s second, was constructed in 1973 50 years after Yamazaki’s son inherited the company. Built amidst the forests of Mt. Kaikomagatake in the Southern Alps of Japan, the Hakushu Distillery is one of the highest distilleries in the world with a distinct microclimate perfect for the distilling of whisky.

 How does it taste?

Nose: Herbal, pine, fresh cucumber and melon.

Palate: Think green, if green had a flavour this is it. Herbal, minty, fresh, and light-infused with gentle smoke.

Finish: Long, green apples and herbs with the smoke wafting through.

Why did I choose this Whisky?

In a word change. It was only going to be a matter of time before I put a Japanese whisky here, and I am feeling a bit frustrated and stressed, so what better tonic then something different. Everything feels a bit bleak and grey so an injection of colour is needed, and that colour is green. Japanese whisky is so often quite clinical in its flavour and style, if it says it’s a thing that is what you get, there is no blurring around the edges. So there you have it, this whisky is bright, fresh, colourful, honest and clear, the antithesis of life at the moment!