Mortlach: 16 year old single malt 43.5% 25ml

Mortlach: 16 year old single malt 43.5% 25ml


Whisky of the Week #19

Mortlach 16yo 43.4% Single Malt

Mortlach are situated in Dufftown at the Northern reaches of the Speyside region. They were bought by Johnny Walker 1923 and the whisky could then only be found in Johnny walker blends, present owners Diageo brought the Single Malt back to market as recently as 2014. This expression being aged exclusively in sherry casks balances the robust nature of the Malt with the sweetness of the casks.

How does it taste?

Nose: Fruity notes of orange and pear, on a nutty and gingery foundation.
Palate: Predominantly oaky flavours mixed in with spices fruits and nuts.
Finish: A long nutty finish with Dundee cake and some ginger.

Why did I choose this whisky?
For a number of years we Holidayed in Scotland during this season, and at the time Spey whiskies were my firm favourite, so I guess it has a sense of nostalgia and freedom for me. Watching the last six nations match this weekend just tipped me over and I bought the whisky as the final whistle blew.