White Prussian - 3.9%

White Prussian
A crisp, clean and refreshing beer made from lager malt and German hops. A friuity flavour with a floral, spice and citrus aroma from Perle and Mittlefruh hops.

Brewery - Elland Brewery

Winter Rays - 3.9%

Loddon Winter Rays
Satisfying beer with an aroma that picks out malt, cookies and liquorice. The prominent Crystal malts add sweet, nutty flavours, beautifully balanced by floral notes from Target, Challenger and Northdown hops.

Brewery - Loddon

Wolf - 3.8%

A hoppy thirst-quenching golden session bitter, with a flowery nose and slightly citrus after-taste.

Brewery - Mallinsons Brewing Company

Wolf of North St - 4.3%

Sweet tropical fruits, complex aromas of mango and elderflower. Dual hopped with two Slovenian hops: Styrian Cardinal and Styrian Wolf.

Brewery - Bristol Beer Factory

Yarl - 3.8%

Fyne Ales Jarl
Ruling proudly over Glen Fyne and beyond, Jarl is our flaghip session blonde ale. A showcase for American hop, Citra, Jarl delivers waves of fruity citrus flavours and a clean finish.

Brewery - Fyne Ales

Yule Log - 4.5%

Kent Brewery Yule Log
Yule Hog has a malty flavour and smooth character, with spicy notes and a hoppy finish, making it the perfect easy-drinking festive ale.

Brewery - Kent Brewery

Zamzama - 6.5%

Beer 1061562 89A1F Hd
This beer has all the hallmarks and tastes you want from a modern IPA, a sweet and biscuity malt base is there to anchor down the floral and fruity hops that transition from piney resins to big tropical fruits and leave a long lasting dry finish.

Brewery - Gun