Mosaic - 6.8%

Mosaicglutenfree Tbar
Brewed with Pale Ale malt, some Lager malt and a touch of light Cara. With big, fruity flavours and a mosaic of aromas, this is a delicious, fruity, one-hop-wonder.

Brewery - Arbor

Myrcia - 4.0%

Additions of only aroma hops in the whirlpool and dry hopping in the fermenter.

Brewery - Buxton Brewery

Nightwatchman - 4.5%

Elb Nightwatchman
It's a darker, warm, smooth bitter. Red-tinged in colour, it's relatively well hopped and sweeter than Foundation.

Brewery - East London Brewing Company

Old Dairy Green Hop - 4.0%

We literally pack the very green hops into the brew and the result is an delicious, very fresh tasting and perfectly hopped beer. Enjoy!

Brewery - Old Dairy Brewery

Pale Ale - 3.8%

Extra pale session ale

Brewery - Redemption

Pale Blue Dot - 4.4%

Clean and crisp body, smooth round mouthfeel imparted by the Vienna and Carapils malt with citrusy and fruity finish.

Brewery - Bristol Beer Factory

Pig & Porter Redcurrent Sour - 3.0%

4 brewers minds have produced this perfect tangy beer!

Brewery - Pig and Porter

Piter - 8.0%

Imperial breakfast stout, aged on roast coffee and cacao nibs and bourbon oak chips.

Brewery - Neepsend

Plum Porter - 4.9%

Plum Porter
This beer is dark strong and well rounded; take the opportunity and go for the low hanging fruit, this sumptuous beer really is a plum!

Brewery - Titanic Brewery

Radle Me This - 3.6%

Radle Me This Cropped
We've added grapefruit for extra ZING! Available in limited quantity direct from the brewery, or via Pigs Ears in the South and South West.

Brewery - Ilkley Brewery